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Tubal reversal surgery


You thought you were done having children and have ligated (commonly referred as “tied”) your tubes. You did this during your most recent cesarean section or some time afterwards. Now you regret that decision. You might have a second marriage or a new partner. We hear this story over and over and know how to help. One option to get pregnant is having in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, this is usually a more expensive and not a natural way to get pregnant. The other option is a surgical reversal of the previous ligation.


Tree of life Center fertility experts perform tubal reversal microsurgery at a premier surgical center in Calabasas, California. Since the introduction of in vitro fertilization, not many fertility clinics in the United States perform tubal reversal surgery. In our fertility clinic you will have your reversal surgery performed by physicians board-certified in reproductive medicine.


The tubal reversal surgeries is performed by creating an incision at the bottom of your abdomen. The incision is a little bit smaller than a typical C-section incision. It needs to be big enough to remove your uterus out of the abdomen. This way your tubes can be exposed. The surgeons then uses microscopic glasses to visualize the tubes and the fine layers that outline the inside of the tube. Following that, the ligated part of the tube is cut and the ends freshened up so they can be reconnected again using microscopic sutures. The surgeon uses blue dye during the surgery to confirm that the newly connected tubes are indeed open.


Not everybody is a candidate for tubal reversal surgery. We need to review your records and check how the tube was ligated before scheduling you for the procedure. In some cases the entire tubes were removed and surgery or the damage to the remaining tube is so extensive that the tubes cannot be repaired. In order to avoid finding this out in the operating room we request your records from tubal ligation surgery in advance. We can review those and ensure that you are indeed a good candidate for tubal reversal surgery.


We also want to ensure that the overall situation is favorable. This ensures that you can conceive after tubal reversal surgery. We strongly recommend you to check your partner’s sperm and ensure that his sperm counts are adequate for conception afterwards.


The success rates after the tubal reversal surgery will greatly depend on your age. Ideally, the tubal reversal surgery is performed at a younger age when your chances to get pregnant are higher. However, some of our older patients do not respond well to in vitro fertilization stimulation and might not be good candidates for IVF. In this case tubal reversal surgery can be a preferred solution. The advantage is that a woman can try multiple months in a row to get pregnant as a result of one surgical intervention. If the same woman would have to undergo multiple IVF cycles and poorly respond to the medication, the cost will be very high, since each cycle of in vitro fertilization creates additional costs.


The Tree of life Center can re-establish your fertility and perform tubal reversal surgery for less than $6000. This pricing is very competitive comparable to some centers outside of the United States that claim to be inexpensive. Since our physicians both perform tubal reversal surgery and are also experts in any other field of reproductive medicine, were able to treat you and advise you how to increase your chances to get pregnant after successful reversal surgery. We also perform in vitro fertilization, hence if a whatever reason you do not become pregnant after surgery, we will provide you with a discount towards in vitro fertilization.


Please call us to further discuss your options and suitability for tubal reversal surgery. We offer a courtesy review of your medical records to ensure that you indeed are a candidate for this procedure prior to scheduling a consultation.

I had surgery by Dr. Jovanovic last year and he has done a stellar job. He was the only doctor (I saw about 7) who sat and listened to me. Really LISTENED. He never pretended he had all the answers, he just gave me his honest opinion. The whole experience with him was fantastic, I couldn't have asked for a better physician. I would highly recommend Dr. J. because he listens, he cares and he's honest.