Do sex positions and lubricants impact getting pregnant?
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Coital Practice

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Tell me the best coital practice for getting pregnant

Unfortunately, there is no ideal coital practice to help couples get pregnant. It is not a fact that laying on your back after intercourse facilitates sperm transport into the fallopian tubes. Likewise, women do not need to lay with their feet in the air.

Sperm immediately reach the fallopian tubes

According to a recent report by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, commonly known as ASRM, sperm can be found in the fallopian tubes some minutes after ejaculation regardless of coital practices.In one study, sperm deposited at the cervix at midcycle are found in the fallopian tubes within 15 minutes. They move to the fallopian tubes and are expelled into the peritoneal cavity rather than collecting in the ampulla of the fallopian tube.In another study, labeled particles placed in the posterior vaginal fornix reached the fallopian tubes in as little as 2 minutes during the follicular phase. The particles were observed only in the tube adjacent to the ovary containing the dominant follicle and not in the contralateral tube.Although female orgasm may promote sperm transport, there is no known relationship between orgasm and fertility. Also, there also is no convincing evidence for any relationship between specific coital practices and infant gender.Still, keep in mind that fertility specialists will advise patients to lay down for 5 minutes after their embryo transfer during IVF treatment.
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What kind of lubricant can or can’t a patient use?

Some vaginal lubricants may decrease the success rate of pregnancy. Canola oil has no detrimental effect, but commercially available water-based lubricants inhibit sperm motility in vitro by 60% to 100% within 60 minutes of incubation.Some over-the-counter lubricants, olive oil, and saliva diluted to concentrations adversely affect sperm motility and velocity as low as 6.25%. However, mineral oil has no such effect.Hydroxyethylcellulose-based lubricants also have no scientific evidence they can inhibit semen parameters. Although some lubricants adversely affect sperm parameters in vitro, the use of lubricants in couples attempting conception was shown not to affect cycle fecund- ability compared with non-use.Find out more about seeking treatment at Tree of Life Center by calling 818-344-8522
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