Tree of Life Center / $99 Egg Count Fertility Evaluation AMH Special



You might have wondered how many eggs do you have left. But it is difficult, far, expensive, complicated to go and visit a fertility clinic and obtain expert evaluation and advice. Well, not any more. Tree of Life Fertility Center has always been about giving back to the community. We believe that the best situation is to check on things before they go wrong. Or if they are going to go wrong you should find out early and know all your options! If you are between 21 and 37 years of age, we will obtain an AMH blood level from you that will tell us about the remaining number of eggs in your ovary!



We will provide you with an AMH (Anti-Mullerian-Hormone) blood test at a location nearby utilizing a LabCorp drawing station and give you a 15 minute up follow consultation with a board certified fertility specialist for only $99. Yes, only $99 – typically a fertility consultation costs between $250-$500 and you have to visit the clinic, wait for appointments and it gets complicated, We are about making it simple easy and affordable for everybody. We gather your information online, you go to the closest LabCorp or Quest blood draw location and have your labs drawn.

Our doctor will review your results and follow up with you with a 15 minute phone or Skype consultation and you can arrange for this appointment online. After your consultation, you will be able to access and download your results online. If necessary or if the results are abnormal you will have a full complimentary evaluation with ultrasound at our Fertility Center in Tarzana, California. We unfortunately can not provide this special to patients over 37 years of age, since in that age group every woman will already start to experience a natural decline in the egg count and should seek immediate consultation with a fertility specialist close by!