Tree of Life Center / Coronavirus Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic and Fertility Treatment at Tree of Life Center

Fertility Treatment during COVID-19 Coronovirus Pandemic


Patients in need for fertility treatments are on high alert regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on their treatment. The current ASRM guideline issued on March 17th recommends to postpone any in-vitro (IVF) cycles unless there is an urgency to proceed.

Does it mean you need to completely abandon your fertility treatment – No. We will remain open and will asses the individual situation and provide guidance how to best cope with the evolving situation. Tree of Life Center is aware that the pandemic is a world changing event and that nothing will be as it used to be before. However, the desire to have a child will always remain and our task as fertility clinic will be to adjust to the new circumstances. Our clinic has recognized the challenges early and has stocked up on supplies, personal protective equipment, disinfectants and is equipped to continue to provide services during challenging times.

Please see our blog posts for frequent updates:

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