We are happy to announce our Informational Seminar on Egg Freezing. Tree of Life Fertility Center welcomes you to this event. We will discuss and learn about this particular form of fertility preservation in a friendly and comfortable environment. The event will take place in “The Gate to the Mediterranean” restaurant on 3/27/2019 between 7pm and 9pm in Encino, CA. We invite all interested women between 25 and 37 years of age to attend the presentation. There are many questions about the egg freezing process. Therefore, we would like you to have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. You will be able to interact with our staff and true fertility experts.

The venue will be open to registered guests only. Seating is limited and we will provide for hors d’oeuvre and refreshments . Please contact Pani@TLCfertility.com with any question and reserve your seat early.

The event is free of charge and all attendees will receive a $500 certificate towards our freezing packages.


AUTHOR: Dr. Jovanovic
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